Count your many blessing

I am reminded how amazingly blessed I am. I have two adorable and very healthy children, and wonderful husband, a home, parents, friends, and the gospel. It doesn't get much better than this.

Tom's cousin recently gave birth to their first baby--a little boy with serious health problems. After numerous surgeries and medical proceedures, he passed away last night. While I never met him, and only know his parents marginally well, I can barely imagine the pain that they are going through. My mother-in-law called last night let us know that his kidneys were failing, and to keep their little family in our prayers. This morning I heard that he didn't make it. I am somewhere between the pain of the loss and gratitude. Pain for his parents and grandparents, pain at the thought that I might one day be in a similar situation, but gratitude for his release from pain and suffereing, gratitude for the plan of salvation, knowing where he is, and gratitude for temple covenants that will allow his parents to raise him in the next life.

We are indeed so blessed.

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