So I'm going a little bit crazy!

I borrowed Twilight from a friend, and she warned me not to read the teaser to the second book, but I did anyway. She was right. My mom was going to bring the 8th Work and the Glory down, so I figured I could escape into church history to get the story out of my mind, but she brought number 9. So I'm stuck with nothing to read and my mind going all over the place wondering what happens next.

I probably should have stuck with my book fast until I was done with school. But this class I'm taking currently has forced breaks (ie: Do not proceed to Lesson 5 until you receive feedback from Lesson 4.) That kills me. I'm the kind who likes to start and finsh something as quickly as possible. Once I get the momentum, I like to keep going. Forced slowing only makes me more crazy, which as mentioned above, I don't need any help with. And I've been taking two classes at a time to avoid this very predicament, but, of course, this is my last class before my Capstone class, and I can't sign up for that one until this one is done. So much for being done by Christmas. I will still graduate in April though, which is good, though 2 years late. But Ella and Rico are worth it.

Since mom was here, nap schedules were thrown off, and Rico, who usually goes down right after Ella so I can have some alone time, was just waking up as I put Ella down. So much for getting anything done today.

Sarah, you can blame yourself for this blog. Emily too. I was aware of a couple other people with blogs, (Lisa, Kristy) but never really checked them out much, but after you two, I got hooked. And then when I had nothing to read, I realized that I needed to vent, so a blog was the first idea that popped into my head. I guess I could have written in my journal, but somehow that's not as satisfying, knowing that noone will read it.

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Lisa C said...

I totally agree about the blog v. journal. I am SO happy you have your own spot in the blogosphere!