Book III: The Amber Spyglass

Because of the way that God was depicted in this series and particularly in this book, it seemed like a battle between good and evil, but this Authority, or god figure, was the evil side. Because Pullman's depiction of God was so far from my religious feelings, it was hard to associate the God depicted as Heavenly Father. Instead it seemed like the stereotypical evil in any fantasy book: a dark power determined to control and ruin the lives and happiness of the characters. And although I would probably prefer that he had called the enemy something other than God, his calling it that did not ruin my faith.

I would tend to call this series Young Adult as opposed to Children's literature. In addition to the religious aspect, there were other thematic elements and discussions that I would be more comfortable with a high schooler reading than an elementary student.

Overall, I enjoyed the books and do not feel more evil or anti- church or God for having read them