Current Obsession

Since I am always ready for bed before Tom, I usually end up doing something to amuse myself while he finishes getting ready. I started playing solitaire (with real cards) but by the time I got all set up, he would be done. Then I would have to clean up my mess, and it wasn't worth it. So, instead, I 've been playing hand solitaire. It's really quite amusing and requires absolutely no skill, though I should warn you, winning is rare.

How to play:
Hold a deck of cards facedown in your left hand. Flip the back card to the front face up. Repeat until you have four cards facing you, fanned out so you can see all four. Look at the two outer cards (the first and fourth). If they are the same suit, remove the two middle cards and discard them. If the outer cards are the same number, discard all four cards. If they are neither the same suit or number, slide the second card to cover the first and flip over a new fourth card and start again. After removing cards, remember to look at the last four cards before flipping over a new one. Once all the cards are facing up, the game is over. The goal is to end up with as few cards as possible.

I have won a few times, but then I am usually humbled by ending up with half of the deck still in my hand.

This reminds me of those assignments in elementary school when you have to write directions to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Did anyone else have to do that? It's so much easier to demonstrate than explain. Hopefully my directions made sense, but forgive me if they didn't.


Zach said...

I have played this before but it has been a while. I played for a while today and I actually won! Be impressed! I did cheat a little in that when all the cards had been flipped I brought the back two cards up and then they were gone.... i think that is still impressive though!

Sarah said...

I am sorry that was Me, I need to make sure I am logged in as the right person... oops!