Sometimes it's nice to take a step back and see things how they really are. Unfortunately that can only happen when we are reminded of how they're not. A couple examples from my life today:

Ella is not a quiet girl, but neither is she excessively loud. Today, Averie and Dallin came over and I was reminded how quiet Ella usually is. Thank you, Ella, for using your inside voice!

Ella does not voluntarily pick up her toys, but neither does she throw them haphazardly around the room for no apparent reason. Between the three of them, every toy was out of it's place, and randomly all over the room. Thank you, Ella, for being so relatively neat and tidy!

Rico is usually fairly safe of the floor. Ella likes to love him a little too much sometimes, and occasionally takes his toys, but all in all, she is rather nice. Averie and Dallin, not so much. Not that they were trying to hurt him, they just aren't used to someone that small. Thank you, Ella, for being so gentle!

I do like Dallin and Averie, don't get me wrong. But it's also nice to have the reminder of how nice and clean and quiet Ella usually is!

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