I'm one of the really cool people who still have dialup. I know, you probably thought that ended with the Jurassic Period, but no, some of us are still using it. And because of that, I haven't bothered trying to post pictures. But I thought that I'd give it shot.

This one I owe to all of you good moms out there posting pictures of your kids doing fun kid things. I didn't dress my kids up for Halloween, I haven't been to the children's museum, and we don't go for walks everyday, but I did make orange pumpkin shaped sugar cookies. So I'm not completely lame.

Rico, enjoying his dinner.

Ella enjoying my boots. This is seriously one of her favorite things, to put on my (or Tom's) shoes and walk around the house. I think it's adorable most of the time. Except right after I vacuumed.

So that didn't take nearly as long as I expected. Expect more pictures (as soon as I get around to taking them!)


Zach said...

You are not a lame mom! You read to your kids way more that I do and you have the discipline to only watch one movie a week! You sing to her all the time... I don't think she is deprived by any means!

Just out of curiosity, why no trick or treating or costumes?

Janelle said...

Our ward had their trunk-or-treat the night that Jon recieved his endowment, so naturally, we opted for that instead. Had we gone to that, I would have dressed them up. Neither of them need candy, so neither Tom or I were too excited about the prospect of knocking on neighbors doors for no reason. And we're lame.