Pumpkin, pumpkin, everywhere!

I bought a pumpkin for Halloween, but we didn't get around to carving it. So I've had this huge pumpkin sitting around my house for the last week and half. Today I decided to do something about it. I've never made pumpkin pie from a real pumpkin before, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I didn't quite know what I was getting myself into.

Right now I have pumpkin all over my kitchen. I was steaming it, but of course the water boiled out before I noticed, and now I have pumpkin goosh burned to the bottom of my stockpot. I have pumpkin chunks waiting to be steamed, steamed pumpkin chunks in the sink cooling down so I can peel and blend them. I have a blender with pumpkin all over--inside and out. I've kept it mostly off the floor, but of course, I still end up with it stuck to the bottom of my feet. I 'm going to have quite a lot of pumpkin when I'm done. Does anyone have any recipes? I could sure use them!

In other news: Ella has a little play dish set that had four cups, all of different colors. I stepped on the green one a few weeks ago and it broke. I threw it out. Today she came into the kitchen where I was working on extracting all the pumpkin seeds from the guts, and asked where the green cup was. When I told her it was all gone, she about burst into tears. Sad!


Sara said...

We still have uncarved pumpkins sitting on our porch. I am not even going to attempt to make real pumpkin pie. I think they will just become a permanent fixture on our porch.

Way to be domestic! You are my new hero. If it's something hard... I am just too lazy to try :).

Lisa C said...

Wow way to go on the pumpkins! I can just imagine the state of your house though. How do innocent domestic pursuits so easily get out of control?