It's an Odd Blog World

The funny thing about blogging is that there are things you can't write. Like this morning I've been working on something for my mom, but I can't post a picture, or even say what it is, because she just might read it.

And while it is not good to complain about others, doing so on one's blog is excessively risky, because for all you know, they read your blog. Example: Kim, a lady in my ward, had randomly found my blog and had been reading it. I have nothing against this, of course, but I would have felt really bad if I had complained about our ward activities committee (of which she is chair) or something.


Kristy said...

YES--it always makes me chuckle when I read someone's post and I realize they just didn't consider all possible audiences for that particular post. Whoopsies. I'm sure I've probably done that exact thing.

Sara said...

I know what you mean. There are times when I want to vent about something or feel like I really have something to say but don't because I don't know who could come across my blog and read what I wrote. Don't want to inadvertently offend anyone.

That being said, not too long ago I did vent about something that happened at church and wrote all about it on my blog. Chad said that was pretty risky and well, that annoyed me and I assured him no one in the ward read my blog or even knew I had one. Well, a couple days later I was invited to a play date with the kids. All the other moms there started talking about their blogs and exchanging addresses. As soon as I got home I deleted that post with all it's comments. I'm MUCH more careful now :).