While I can't be sure, I believe that the last time our Hardy family was ALL together was Christmas 2004. Tom and I accompanied my parents and brothers to visit Sarah, Zach and their brand new baby, Aly, and drop Grant off at BYU. That's at least the last time we stopped to pose for a family picture.

After that Grant spent winter and spring at BYU, returning to work for the summer before leaving on his mission around Thanksgiving 2005. Sarah and family were in DC that summer, and I don't think they made it out before Grant left, but I could be wrong.

Today, all four siblings were reunited. Tom was at work, and Zach is taking finals in Michigan, so the full-meal-deal will have to wait for Tuesday, but it was still great!

This isn't the greatest picture of me. I'm looking a little double-chinned, and my shoulder is a little awkward, but I'm with great company, and that's what counts!


Kristy said...

What an awesome picture! You're cute siblings.

Sara said...

I think it looks like a great picture!