So much for the snow

It continued to snow most of the day Saturday. We went out and made a little snowman--little being the operative word. Around dinnertime it started raining and has been raining ever since. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

I think I'm a bookaholic. Once I get going, it's so hard to quit. I have decided that I need to reinstate my book fast until I'm done with school. There will be a few exceptions, of course, but I need to refocus. I have Extras (the fourth book in the Uglies Trilogy) on hold at the library, and after my I finish my nutrition class I get to read The Work and the Glory volume 9, but other than that, I've got to take a break. Otherwise I may never graduate, and that would be lame since I only have a class and half left.

The kids slept in this morning. Usually they (and therefore I) get up around 7:00. Sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later. This morning I got up to feed Rico around 6 and heard Ella making some noise. I went back to bed anyway, figuring we'd be up before long. I woke up at 9:20 and everyone was still asleep! I don't know what happened. Rico woke up at quarter till 10, and Ella finally woke up at quarter till 11. So much for naptime, but it was well worth it!


Sara said...

I can't believe your kids slept in do late! Mine slept in today too but that meant Katie up a little after 7am and Mason at 8am. And it never fails, every weekend they are up around 6 am. They are so mean to us! ;)

Lisa C said...

Nice! The past two nights, James has been sick so I've been sleeping on the inflatable bed with him. Man kids are restless sleepers! It also makes him get up earlier because he sees me right there. So much for sleep.

Kristy said...

Yeah, nice! Lucky mama!