Yay for Brothers

My brother Grant just got home from his mission in VA last night. He (and my parents and brother Jon) spent the day here. It was a blast. Grant kept referring to himself as Elder Hardy (answering the phone: "This is Elder Hardy") and has made it his mission to train Jon in the next two weeks. Jon enters the MTC on the 19th on his way to the Washington DC South Mission.

I love my brothers and am so happy to see them serving the Lord!

Ella was deathly afraid of Grant at first. She would say his name, but would not voluntarily touch or even really look at him. When my dad handed her to Grant, she started crying and ran away, traumatized. It was quite sad. She did warm up and give him a hug good-bye. :) Rico, of course, had no problem with the situation, and was just glad to be held.

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