Flower, Purdy Flower

When it comes to plants, I am a total nerd. Not only do I name them, but I have been known to talk to them, sing to them, and even draw them pictures. Yes, it's true. But, I would like it to be known that this insanity on my part does produce results.

The African violet is named Lisa. I've had her for almost two and a half years, and this is the third or fourth time that she has bloomed.

The rose, Tom brought home from work two days after it was given to him. The head was drooping, the petals wilting. I resurrected it.

The third is a zygocactus named Estella. (I sometimes wish I named Ella that, because I can't have an Ella and and Estella.) I inherited her with the house. A couple weeks ago she had 15-20 of these beautiful flowers all over.

So, even though you may make fun of me, I will continue to name, and converse with, my beautiful plants.


Kristy said...

Wow, I am totally impressed. You need to teach me because I am an expert plant killer. :)

Sarah said...

you are so hilarious!! That is amazing though!!

Lisa C said...

Well, I guess if you couldn't name your child after me, the plant is a close second :)

Sara said...

Freshman year at an enrichment activity, we each got a potted plant. One of my roommates did exactly what you did. Talked to it and even painted a picture of it. Hers was the ONLY one to blossom and live. The rest of our wilted and died. So yeah, I believe it!