Martin Luther Clean Day

Yesterday Tom had the day off, and we spent the day relaxing and thinking about making the world a better place... or not.

Our house has a unique smell. It's not terrible, and once you've been in the house for two minutes you don't notice it, but it does smell. One of our ideas to eliminate or at least diminish the smell was to clean out behind the appliances in the kitchen, but so far we hadn't gotten around to it. So yesterday after breakfast, I volunteered to clean out behind the fridge. Tom played with the kids, and I pulled out the fridge.

The floor itself was not bad at all. Dusty, yes, but there was only one receipt and one raisin among the dust. I was reminded of one time when I lived at Liberty Square, and I cleaned out under the fridge--I'm pretty sure someone had spilled an entire Costco jug of syrup three years prior. It was nasty, so yesterday I thought I was doing well.

Not so quick. As I was wiping down the back (which was pretty grimy) I noticed that the panel at the bottom was caked with nasty black dust.

I had the brilliant idea to pull it off and clean out the dust. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

An hour and a half and half of a roll of paper towels later, (I was not going to use a real rag on this) I gave up. There was thick nasty dust covering everything. There were balls of pet hair that was laden with the same thick nasty dust in every nook and cranny (of which there are many). The once-yellow insulating pads were brown and growing things.

I screwed the panel back on and put the fridge back. Unfortunately, since I stirred up all that dust, the fan is now blowing it out and we've had to wipe off the top of our fridge several times.

I can only hope that once it settles it will help with the smell, because I'm sure it was contributing.

In cleaning that out, it also left a nice film of black dust over most the kitchen, so I got to wipe that down too. While I was doing that, Ella decided to help. She got her little mermaid bucket and a rag and sat down and started wiping the floor. Then she started sing "Sing sweet nightingale hiiiiigh above me." It was basically adorable.


Sarah said...

Aly loves that song!!! She sings it almost every time she takes a bath with her rag and cups of water. I am sorry about the mess!!

Kristy said...

You are the best! I totally remember that disgusting Liberty Square fridge experience and all I can say is, you're a better woman than I.