My Little Buddy

December was quite the eventful month for Rico. He had his 9 month (okay, 10 month) checkup on the fourth and the doctor said that he had some fluid in his ears, but they weren't infected. On the seventeenth, you may remember that I wrote how cranky he was for no apparent reason. At least it wasn't apparent until dinner time when he kept pulling at his ears.

The next day (Wednesday) was the only day that my family was going to be all together and we were going to have family pictures taken, etc., so it was not a good day to be feeling bad. In the morning we took him to the doctor, and he had two bad ear infections. He was pretty happy that day, despite everything, and we got him on the amoxicillin promptly.

Two days later (Friday), his fever (which had been a mild 99.8) shot up to 102.2, so I called the doctor. He changed his prescription to Cefdinir, and we started him on that. By Sunday his fever was gone, but he had a fine pink rash all over his body. I called the doctor again, and the oncall doctor said he should be fine as long as the rash was mild, and to keep giving him the antibiotics. I should have gone with my gut feeling on this one, because by the next day (Christmas Eve) he was more red than white and quite miserable.

I called the doctor AGAIN, and he said the stop the antibiotic and get him on Benadryl and after his rash cleared up, they'd prescribe something else. Poor little guy had more drugs in him than a pharmacy.

Wednesday his rash was mostly cleared up, except on his legs, so I took him in to the doctor--I'd had enough advice over the phone. His doctor was not in, so we saw someone else. She said his ears were still mildly infected, but he could likely fight it off on his own (thank goodness!), but to give a call if he seemed to be getting worse.

Thankfully, he seems to be fully better (finally). His rash cleared up and though still a little clingy (only to me) he is much more himself than he has been all month! Hallelujah!

In other news, I finally cut his hair on Friday. He's been needing a hair cut for a while, especially over his ears and his bangs (I guess you would call it that.) Anyway, he was taking a bath while Ella was napping, and I thought "Now would be the perfect time to cut his hair," so I did. He was mostly cooperative, though a little wiggly. My only complaint is that I was hoping that once it was shorter it would stand up again, but no such luck, once it dried it laid back down. I'll get a picture of it dried.


Kristy said...

Poor little guy! What cute family photos.

Lisa C said...

It looks so cute! and I'll second Kristy, poor baby and poor mommy! Way to be vigilant! James was on antibiotics for a skin bacterial infection on...we'll just say a very sensitive area of his body. Poor little baby was waddling for a little bit. Sad!