No, seriously, check me out!

I have no HTML skills, and I mean zero. However, I would like you all to take a minute and be AMAZED with my blog.

Yes, I did it myself (sort of). Thank you to my cousin-in-law, Amy for leading me to this site where I stole/altered some HTML to make three columns, and which also led me to this site, where I found the color of my dreams (at least on my monitor)!

So I hope you enjoy!


Alicia said...

Wow. I am impressed. You and I must be fond of the exact same color, too. Nice work on the picture up top! I can never get mine quite right!

Kevin and Eliza said...

Wow how crazy that you found me, but I am so glad you did. It's been a long time since I have seen your family. I found your sister's blog through you and saw a picture of you all outside the Seattle Temple. I can't believe how much you all have grown up. Wow you have two children! That is wonderful. I must say I am impressed with your blog. Your doing awesome. I will check out your blog often. Take care your second cousin,