So much to celebrate!

Well, I've been meaning to blog for several days, but it's so much harder to find the time when Tom is home all day. I'm certainly not complaining, I love having him home! Right now he's off reffing a couple basketball games before his own, and I got the kids to bed right after he left, so I have a few hours to myself. I'm beginning to appreciate that more, Mom.

First, Rico is officially weaned! Hallelujah! I can finally wear normal bras again! (Sorry guys.) He'd been sleeping through the night, and just nursing once during the day, but we're finally done!

Next one the list of exciting things, Tom has the week off! One of the nice things about being a teacher is the weeks off (albeit unpaid) in December, February and April. Summer's nice too, but he usually gets another job.

Third, Tom took the GRE yesterday. He did about average on the verbal, above average on the math, and we'll see how he did on the writing portion. Though they recommend not taking the test cold, he didn't have any prep time, so I'm pretty impressed. Now, we just cross our fingers that it's good enough for the program he wants to get into.

Then, Rico officially took a step today. He's really good at standing, so for the last few days I've been standing him up, then trying to get him to step to me, but he usually just plops down and crawls over, or dives, but today he started stepping once, then diving! Progress!

And then, they've cast the Cullen family for the Twilight movie. Can I just tell you how stoked I am? I was pretty freaking obsessed when I first read the books, and I'm still pretty obsessed, but what can I say? Check it out here.

And finally, I officially submitted my final school assignment of EVER! For those of you not aware, I have been working on a Bachelor of General Studies degree from BYU with an emphasis in Family Life. It's taken me 6 years all told, from when I started at BYU, but now, I am finished. Granted, they still need to grade a test from my nutrition class and the papers from my capstone class, but I AM DONE! Hooray!


Lisa C said...

Wow! Congrats!! Especially on finishing school, I am so impressed that you were able to do it with 2 kids! I just finished reading Twilight yesterday, I didn't realize they were going to make a movie out if it, but I was thinking they should. Cool!

Sarah said...

you forgot to mention your mad html skills!! Your blog does look very good! CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING SCHOOL!!! Bring on the cool silverware!! :) Your table is going to look so beautiful now every night for dinner with your new plates and silverware! I hope you have glasses that you like too or else they are going to look very out of place.... Sounds like life is good for you right now, enjoy!!

Kristy said...

Yay Janelle! Good for you! And your blog is gorgeous.

Linda said...

Wow! I'm amazed at how much you've accomplished since the last time we were around each other (Liberty Square). Way to go!