Ella is currently in love with George--Curious George, that is. She wants to be just like him. The only problem is that the older (original) books are not so PC. Example:
Yesterday she came up to me holding an empty film canister and we had the following conversation (this is severely shortened. It lasted about 10 minutes.):

Ella: This is my pipe. I'm going to smoke my pipe.
Me: Um, that's not such a good idea.
E: I like to smoke my pipe.
M: Do you remember how we talked about that it's not a good idea to smoke?
E: Yeah, I'm smoking my pipe.

This went on and on. I finally had to ignore her to get her to move on. I was trying not to laugh, because I didn't really think I should encourage that...

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Sarah said...

what on earth are you teaching your child??!!?? you should be ashamed of yourself!! :) That is hilarious! It is amazing what they take in so quickly! They always seem to pick up the quickest on the the things that we hoped they missed.... why is that?