So my daughter is a memorizing genius! Since she was very little she could "read" herself books that she had memorized after I read them to her twice, and she can sing about any song she's ever heard.

Today, I thought it would be good to teach her our phone number. It's never too soon to start, right? So this is how the conversation went:

Me: Ella, do you want to learn our phone number?
E: Okay!
M: Can you say 360? (our area code--numbers have all been changed to protect the innocent.)
E: 456-8523 (our correct phone number)

She just spouted off the rest of our phone number like it was nothing. All I have to do is provide the area code, and there she goes. I've never told it to her, she just must have overheard me giving it to someone else or leaving a message on someone's machine. Or she's just psychic.


Anonymous said...

She must be related to her mom :)

Sarah said...

that is so cute!! I don't think aly knows our number.... of course we have had at least 10 in her life time so I guess I can give her a break! :) You had better watch what you say!!