Bella at Midnight, by Diane Stanley

This book was recommended to me by several people. I loved it! Such a quick easy read that grabbed and held my attention. The plot was a little predictable, but had enough twists to keep it entertaining. Bella is a very cute main character. The book is told by multiple narrators, which though confusing at first, quickly became comfortable and easy, and I loved seeing the different points of view. One thing that did confuse me at the beginning, but I got over, was that some of the narrators told the story like it had just happened, while others seemed to be looking back over a long period of time. But it wasn't enough of a bother to make me not like or recommend the book.


Michelle said...

I always love to find someone that reads as much as I do but I RARELY find someone that reads more. Holy Cow crazy girl. If possible I love you more. You running reading wonder mom. Have you tried combining all three?

Sarah said...

where do you find all these books? You must live at the library because by the time you get home you would have read them all! I must tell you, you have a talent and I envy it!