Does this feel wrong to anyone else?

Something about snow in the end of March just doesn't feel right. December, sure. January, great. February, go ahead. But March? Are you kidding me? We have trees in blossom, pansies growing, lawns being mowed. I already put away the snow clothes! (Theoretically speaking... I don't actually have any snow clothes.)

For those of you not following Seattle's weather, it snowed all night Wednesday night. Seminary was canceled and several districts postponed school two hours. It all melted off yesterday, but today it has been snowing all day (though not sticking, just melting.)

And I don't know if it's the weather, or the time of the month, or what, but Ella has been Queen Grump today, and we had three visiting teaching appointments. If we'd had our own car, I would have said, "Sorry Laura, but I'm going to let you take over now. This girl is going to bed." But I couldn't. Oh well. It's over now and she's in bed. Hopefully she'll be a happier girl when she wakes up!


Sarah said...

hmmmmmm..... I almost feel sorry for you..... trying..... NOPE, sorry, no pity hear!! You are talking to the girl who got 6 inches of snow last night and had a white Easter.... Now if I were living in Washington, trying to get away from the Michigan snow I might be a little upset but the fact that it isn't sticking too much is dramatic improvement from what we are getting. Have fun with the snow!!

Lisa C said...

I agree. Snow was totally fine with me when we were still in the Winter months, but every day that it is cold and snowy in March just makes me more sad and anxious for spring. Even if you don't get as much snow as we do, if it is unexpected and untimely, it is probably just as depressing!