Eragon and Eldest, by Christopher Paolini

This book (okay, these book) was one of those that I had heard of while I was still in school and thought, "hmm, I should read that... I would probably like it." And I did. Though they are a bit long they are well worth it.

Eragon begins with a young boy, Eragon (surprisingly enough), who finds a mysterious stone in the mountain range near his village while he is out hunting. He brings it home, and soon, it hatches. It turns out that it was not a stone at all, but a dragon's egg. This event changes not only his life, but potentially the fate of the entire village, and even the Empire.

After the evil King Galbatorix sends his wicked and freakish henchmen, the Ra'zac, after Eragon, killing his uncle and burning his farm, Eragon sets off with the local storyteller, Brom, to revenge his uncle's death and hopefully spare his village more trouble.

The ensuing adventure is full of twists, turns, shady characters (haha), and ends, of course, in an epic battle (how could it not?).

Eldest picks up where Eragon leaves off, following Eragon's training among the elves as a Dragon Rider, but switches focus, returning to Carvahall (Eragon's hometown) and Eragon's cousin Roran, as well as following the Rebel group, the Varden.

Once more, Eldest is full of action and unexpected twists, and ends, of course, in an epic battle.

I can't wait for the third--Brisingr.


Sarah said...

I saw Eragon the movie and loved it but I did hear that the books were a lot better. If you said it is long though it would probably take me a month to read... Who knows maybe one of these days I will get around to it.

Kristy said...

I loved these books, too. The movie was ridiculously bad compared to the book. I loved Bella at Midnight, too. Thanks!