Have any of you seen this movie? I watched it on Friday, and I can't say I was impressed. I liked the premise, but was quite disappointed by the end. I enjoy intriguing movies that keep you guessing (like Flight Plan) and you don't know until the end what's really going on for sure.

This one was like that, until the end, when the ends did not tie up nicely.


An I like things nice and tidy at the end. My brother Grant would definitely rate this moving an NE for "No Ending." Not that it didn't have an ending, but it was a very unsatisfactory one, at least for me.

I think what made it worse, is I had been hoping to see Becoming Jane, but Redbox didn't have it, and this was a last minute substitute.

Hopefully I'll have better luck next time.


Sarah said...

I just watched Becoming Jane the other day and it was pretty good, I won't say anything because you want to see it but it definitely gave insights into her books.

Sara said...

yeah, I was disappointed in the ending of that movie too. Bleh.

I also want to see Becoming Jane. I think it looks good.