Rain, rain, go away

Remember that part where I said the that library was within walking distance? Well, I thought I would take my own advice yesterday and walk there after the kids woke up from their naps, since it was such a beautiful day and I had finished all my books, and had 7 more to pick up. Then Ella actually fell asleep during her nap, and it was too late to go by the time she woke up. I hadn't told the kids, so no one was any worse off.

Today, I made the mistake of telling Ella before she went to bed that we could go for a walk to the library when she woke up. And I was all ready to make good on that promise. I don't think either of them actually slept, but I got them up, got socks, shoes, and coats on and went to get the stroller, right as the rain started pouring. Now, I don't mind walking in a drizzle, but rain? Not so much.

I don't think Ella has been more traumatized over anything recently. I'm pretty sure she sobbed for at least half an hour. I told her we could possibly go this evening after Tom got home, and we can for sure go tomorrow (I'll have the car), but nothing seemed to help. She kept looking out the window and saying in her most pitiful voice, "It's not raining any more." Unfortunately it still is. Poor girl.

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Sarah said...

You are quite the blogging fool today!! Look at you go!!

Aly has been screaming at me all day no matter what I do so I have just given up... is that bad :)