Scary Thoughts

Is it just me, or does 5:00am get earlier every day? Now, I know that with daylight savings time, it really was earlier this morning, but it was getting earlier before that. This morning was day one of week three in my C25K. And really? So far, so good. Though I don't like getting up early, I am actually enjoying *gasp* *choke* the running.

And surprisingly, today was the first day I got rained on, and it was really only misting.

On a somewhat related note:
My neighborhood occasionally sends out a newsletter (like every 3-4 months). In the last one it mentioned something to the effect of, "remember to lock up, residents have reported seeing strangers trying locks (car and house) in early and late hours." I looked at it, thought "glad we lock our doors" and promptly forgot all about it.

Then I started running. My neighborhood is relatively flat, has lots of houses, about a mile of roads and is well-lit. So I run in my neighborhood. I occasionally see others doing the same thing. I think it was my second run I saw a kid (read: teenage boy) running wearing a sweatshirt, jeans and skater shoes. At 5:00 in the morning. I thought it seemed a little strange, especially since he was doing more the drag-your-feet run than a running-for-exercise run. I mentioned to Tom that I thought it was odd, and promptly forgot all about it.

Friday, I was stretching before my run (I walk for 5 minutes and stretch at the mailbox, where there is a neighborhood bulletin board) and noticed that there was an "ALERT" posted on the board. It read something like this:
Several residents have seen a youth wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt checking locks in early and late hours. Although this is typical teenage wear, please be on the lookout. Neighbors have found him in driveways and fenced backyards. A hubcap was missing and tank of gas emptied while cars were parked in the owner's driveway. Please keep your eye out and report any strange behavior.

I immediately thought of the kid I had seen the previous week. Um, yikes.

Then, as I was running, I noticed a police car parked at the end of the street with the police man walking up the street shining his flashlight into carports and yards, obviously looking for something (or, I should say, someone.)

But just watch, give me a week, and I'll completely forget about it.


Sarah said...

I am so proud of you for all your running!! I can't let Zach read this post or he would ever let me go running! At least this kid isn't attacking you! You would be a witness so he probably stays clear of you, hope they catch him soon!

Sara said...

Yikes, that's kinda scary!

Michelle said...

creepy. You are so lucky to have nice enough weather to run in. I'm still anxiously waiting for ours to warm up. Keep running but STAY SAFE.