On the side of our carport is a strip of grass, then a bed of river rocks, then a rock wall marking the edge of our property. This bed of rocks had been neglected by the previous owner, and so far by me as well. The grass decided to volunteer to keep the rocks company. How helpful. Here we have before weeding, after weeding, and the LINE marking how far I've gotten in my weeding efforts. It makes a big difference, don't you think?

Speaking of volunteers, the last time that I had bangs was in the sixth grade. Apparently my hair decided that it was time again, and I have a whole crop of volunteer bangs. Lucky me. The question is: should I cut more, or leave them as is? What do you think?


Kristy said...

The rocks really do look great. And I love the bangs! You could cut more, but I love how they look now. AND you have beautiful eyes!

Sarah said...

Embrace the bangs!! :) The rocks look good too!

Mandee said...

I say more bangs!