More of Ella's wonderful outfits

I promise, I do try to help her match, but I guess she's more into individuality than coordination.

This is what she wore on Saturday when we went to get Rico's one-year-old pictures (about time, I know). I'm just glad we weren't trying to get her pics done too! When we went out earlier to do some shopping, she was wearing the same outfit, but with her pink argyle boots. The only bad thing about that was that you couldn't see her socks enough to appreciate them!

This is what she's wearing today... It started off with leaving her pajamas unsnapped so they could be like a nightgown, and it just got better from there. Quite the fashion statement if you ask me!


Kevin and Eliza said...

Wow! Ella really does have a taste for fashion. It is so cute to see what children pick out. She is very cute.

The Strain's said...

LOL she is darling! She definitely has some style *wink*

Kristy said...

Dang, that girl can accessorize with the best of them!

Sara said...

Looking good Ella!