In my last post, I was just so dang excited about being an official college graduate, that I omitted the obligatory and very well-deserved thank-yous that are due to numerous people.
  • First and foremost, my parents. College was never a possibility growing up, it was an expectation. But that doesn't mean it was funded. Oh no. We got to earn our way through, which made it that much more meaningful. Even when I moved home to marry Tom, my sweet dad still made sure that graduation was near the top of my growing priority list.
  • My most excellent freshman (and half of sophomore year) roommates. What would I have done without you? College is not college without at least one duct tape statue (wearing embroidered boxer-briefs, none the less), many late nights, road trips, and spoons in the freezer. And Lisa? I'm increasing your mass :)
  • Tom. Wonderful husband, excellent father; I could not ask for more. From day one he has been so supportive of my schooling, and making sure that I had time to get my work done. He never expects a perfect house, or dinner on the table when he gets home, and is always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it's playing with the kids, vacuuming, or reading through another paper.
  • And there's always the sweet children themselves. They put up with a lot. I'm sure that there was more than once when I just wanted to finish reading a chapter for some class or another, or get to the end of one more assignment when they woke up from their naps, and they are always patient, or at least forgiving!
There are many others who have helped in ways big and small, but I don't have all night, so I will leave it at that. Just know that I am grateful! I could not have done it without you!

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