Some of you may know that I enjoy drawing. I'm not trained in any way, and I mostly like to doodle, but occasionally I enjoy a little forgery. It's been a while since I picked up my pencils, but I felt inspired this morning, and here are the results. I know it's not the best pic, but I don't have a scanner, and it's the best I could do.
The question is this: Who can tell me what I was copying? Please throw your guess in whether I know you or not!

P.S. I'm enabling comment moderation so you can't all look at each other's guesses. I'll post all the comments when I tell you the correct answer. :)


Sarah said...

I have no idea who it is but that is really good!! I am definitely impressed!

Anonymous said...

A character out of one of the books that you have read :)

Anonymous said...

It's from that book you were telling me about with 500 pages and lots of drawings! It looks like Ann Frank to me. That's my vote

Sara said...

No guess but for no formal training, that is really impressive! You've got talent!