What a wonderful week!

No, I haven't died! I know you all were wondering. :) Last week was Tom's spring break, and we were busy!

For those of you who don't know, Tom is taking some classes at UW-Tacoma in for his ProCert and in preparation for applying to their Masters of Education Administration program next year. Monday was spent doing school work and he had class in the evening.

Tuesday, I painted. Wednesday, I painted. We own a 1991 manufactured home and both bathrooms, the kitchen, and the laundry room were, um--how to say nicely?--hideously ugly. For some reason the builders decided it would be a good idea to use ugly wallboard instead of drywall. It's like drywall with an ugly wallpaper-like design directly on it. (Have I said "ugly" enough times?) And instead of taping and plastering the seams, they just cover them up with a one-inch strip of wood(?) covered in the same pattern.

We had originally planned on painting before we moved in. We were supposed to close on a Monday and paint during the week and move on Saturday, but since we didn't end up closing until the following Wednesday and moved in that Friday, we didn't have time. And somehow we've made it eight whole months without finding time.

But now, the guest bathroom and the laundry room are painted and it is such an improvement! I forgot to take "before" pictures, but the laundry room and kitchen had the same pattern and this is a photo of the atrocity that is my kitchen. I did, of course take after pictures (just now) and this is my BEAUTIFUL laundry room. I'm so excited to do laundry now! The paint in the bathroom is a little brighter than we had planned, but it's growing on me. I'll post pictures of that once we get a towel bar and new towels, etc. and it's finally put back together.

Thursday we got to go to the temple! My mom was an angel and met us there to take the kids, and afterwards we got to spend time with my family. Well, my parents and uncle, anyway. We spent the night up there and then took my mom, Eric, and Tom's mom with us to the zoo the next day. The weather was perfect, so we weren't the only ones with that idea, but it was well worth it.

Tom was supposed to have class Saturday morning, but it was canceled so we spent the day running errands, cutting hair (his) and cleaning house. Not too exciting, but necessary nonetheless.

And now the week is over. Breaks always fly by way too fast. There is always way more to do than time to get it done. And the worst thing is, I didn't even read a single book.


Kristy said...

It looks great! I agree: no matter how long the breaks are, they are always too short.

Dudley Family said...

Your laundry room looks really good! Can't wait to see your other paint jobs... :)

Anonymous said...

Your laundry room matches your blog background now! I love the color!

Sarah said...

it does look great!! I want to see a bigger picture!! i know that you just did a shoe rack too, your laundry room can't be that dirty that you can't post one of the whole room!! I want to see the full glory!! :) Congratulations on getting it done!! now just the kitchen to go!!

Sara said...

Love the color of the laundry room!

And sounds like a great week. I wish Chad had a week off from work to play.

Michelle said...

I love new paint. It makes SUCH a difference. You picked a great color. hmmm green, the sign of intelligence. yep, perfect.