The Host, by Stephenie Meyer

Let’s be honest. This book is 619 pages and I read it in like 2 days. I’m pretty sure I’m going to reread it before turning it back in to the library next week. When I first heard of the book, I was not at all tempted to read it. I enjoyed the twilight series, yes, but I couldn’t see myself reading a book about aliens. Then I made the mistake of reading the sneak preview on Stephenie’s website several months ago. And once again, I was hooked. I promptly put it on hold at the library, and got one of the first copies.

Stephenie Meyer manages to bring to life what seems to be a complete impossibility, much like she does in Twilight (etc.). This book is built on the premise that body-snatching aliens have captured earth and are walking around in our bodies. Only a very few human rebels remain, and they are being hunted.

Melanie was one of those, but she was caught, and a soul (the name the aliens give themselves) named Wanderer was inserted into her body. But Melanie refuses to give up so easily. Most hosts just fade away once a soul takes over their body, but Melanie stays active and alive inside her body, which is now a prison.

Fighting for control of what is now her body, Wanderer does all she can to banish Melanie to the oblivion where she should be, but instead, they become friends. Driven by Melanie’s memories of Jared and Jamie, Wanderer goes off in search of them. But it only gets harder once she finds them.

This book is compelling and full of unexpected twists, but it does end how I wanted it too, (at least how I wanted it to after reading enough to really know what I wanted.)

I fully recommend this to anyone who does or does not like alien books.


Anonymous said...

How are the kids? Is Tom ok?

I know that it is easy for you to get caught up in good books. From the volume of recent reading, I'm just a bit worried about the rest of the family.
Let us know if there is anything that we can do.

Sara said...

I really want to read this book. I have heard nothing but good things about it. Glad for another good review!

Kristy said...

Ooh, I'm like number 70 on the list at my library and I can't wait! Woohoo!

Amanda said...

I have this book and have yet to read it. I am waiting until I get my house packed...then I'll be able to ignore everything :)

Janssen said...

I'm going to pick this up at the library tomorrow (it's on hold for me). I know I'll be sucked right in. yippee!