Rant and Rave

In honor of my favorite feature in the Sunday paper, I will be doing my own rant and rave post:

Rave: To Tom and my parents (and in-laws) for planning and executing a surprise birthday party/graduation ceremony (mentioned below). I have always wanted a surprise party!

Rant: To Costco for having really cute shirts. Yes, I know that sounds like it should be a rave, but do I really need new shirts? Probably not. Would I go out shopping and buy myself new shirts? Probably not. But when they're right there where I do my grocery shopping, can I turn them down? Probably not.

Rant: To Rico-boy for not taking his naps today. I'm not sure what his beef is, but I don't think he slept either time he's been in his crib today, and man, he needs a nap!

Rave: To Kim and Boni for bringing birthday treats to playgroup today. Yum, yum! And to Laura for picking me up and bringing me there.

Rant: To myself for picking up the abridged version of Oliver Twist at the library, I wanted the real thing, and now I don't have anything to read.

Rave: To Ella for being such a good cooperator and sharer at playgroup today! Hooray for not throwing tantrums!

Rave: To the library for story time. Ella loves it, Rico loves it, I love it; what more can I say?

Rave: To so many great authors who write great books for me to read, and to the library, so I don't have to spend my precious money on books.

Rant: To all the lenders who will not let me refinance my house. Grrr. We had no problem getting a loan in the first place, but now somehow my house impossible to refi. Explain that.

Rave: To Lisa (the plant) for blooming again! So pretty! And for having two babies! Congrats!

Rave: To Sammy (another plant) for growing nicely and looking pretty. I love plants!

What are your rants and raves?

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Sara said...

I love this post! Hmmm, now I need to do some rant and rave thinking.