There are definite bonuses to being married to a teacher. Tom's last day of school was last Tuesday, and he had the rest of the week off! He's back to work most of this week with some training, but then he has another week off!

We love having our dad home to play, and we even got quite a few things done around the house and yard. We got some organizational projects done, (though there are still numerous others that need to happen,) and we "hacked" down some bushes in the back yard that Tom has never liked. There is still plenty of work to do this summer, but since he's only teaching summer school (half-days in July) and taking one class at UW-T we should have plenty of time to do them.

The only problem with all this time off, of course, is the small matter of it being unpaid--oh the joys of being married to a teacher. ;)

What do you know?

About two days after my last post, I went out to check my herbs and found that one pot had been totally dug up (I'm guessing by one of my neighbor's many cats.) I smoothed the dirt back down, and noticed by the seeds that it was the cilantro (so now at least I know which one is which.) Since then it has gone crazy with sprouts, and the basil, not so much. Maybe I should go dig that up, too.


Where did they go?

A couple of weeks ago, I planted some basil and cilantro in some pots in my yard, and anxiously waited for them to sprout. I'm pretty sure I checked them at least once a day, even though they weren't supposed to sprout for a week or so. And sure enough, after one week I started seeing little green leaves.The funny thing is, they looked exactly the same, and I had forgotten which pot held which herb. By a couple of days ago, there were 7-8 sprouts in each pot, though they didn't seem to be getting any bigger.

When I went to look at them today however, there is only one in one pot and two in the other.

Where did they go? Do cats eat herb seedlings? Birds? I haven't seen any animals checking them out, but then again, I don't spend the day staring out the window. And since I don't remember which pot is which, I really don't think I can replant. What should I do?


More Firsts for Ella

Last week at playgroup was a memorable one, for sure. I was unfortunately otherwise occupied (paying attention to Henry or something) and missed the following episode, but I have heard more than one account of it, so I feel justified in sharing it.

Peyton was sitting on his push-and-ride minding his own business when Ella ran up, out of the blue, and planted a kiss full on his mouth.His mother (M) watched the whole thing, and asked him "Did Ella just kiss you?"
P: "Yes"
M: "Did you like it?"
P: "Yes."

I tried to keep a straight face when I asked Ella later:
Me: "Did you kiss Peyton?"
E: "Yes"
Me: "Why did you do that?"
E: (as if it were completely obvious) "Because I like him."

Lovely. So if you are the mother of a little boy of Ella's acquaintance, you might want to keep your eye on them. :)


Ella's first...

Pedicure! I know I'm a slacker of a mother, since she is three and this is the first time her nails have been painted, but it's not all my fault. First, I'm not much of a nail polish person myself. Not because I don't love it, but because after one day it starts chipping and I pick it all off within the next couple of days. Second, I'm married to Tom, and I'm pretty sure he would be happy if she never wore nail polish in her life. I figured if she was old enough to request it, he couldn't complain, right? Well, that was my theory anyway, and it seems to have worked. She loves having her nails painted the same color as mommy's.


Running out of time

Some of you may be wondering what ever happened with my Couch to 5k running goal. And some of you may think you know, and you're probably right.

Just as a recap, the C25K is a nine week program with 3 runs each week, each week progressively building up so that by the ninth week you are running 30 minutes straight, or about 5k.

Having NEVER been a runner in my life this was quite difficult, but that was compounded by the time that I ran: 5 am. If I am not a runner, I am less of a morning person. Nevertheless, I persevered. And I really was getting better at running.

Week nine, day one, I woke up with more difficulty than usual, and proceeded on my first ever half hour of running with absolutely no walking. And I did it. I was so dang proud of myself. When Wednesday came around, I could not get myself out of bed. I told myself that I would run Thursday and Saturday instead, but I couldn't get up Thursday or Friday either. I was just so dang tired. And so, two runs shy of completing my goal, I failed.

The next week, I found out I was pregnant, which greatly explains the extreme exhaustion, but did not make it any easier to get up. I still plan on running in the future, either once I'm not bone tired all the time or once the weather finally dries up and I can go during the day with the kids in the stroller. But until then, I'm back to my slackerific self.