There are definite bonuses to being married to a teacher. Tom's last day of school was last Tuesday, and he had the rest of the week off! He's back to work most of this week with some training, but then he has another week off!

We love having our dad home to play, and we even got quite a few things done around the house and yard. We got some organizational projects done, (though there are still numerous others that need to happen,) and we "hacked" down some bushes in the back yard that Tom has never liked. There is still plenty of work to do this summer, but since he's only teaching summer school (half-days in July) and taking one class at UW-T we should have plenty of time to do them.

The only problem with all this time off, of course, is the small matter of it being unpaid--oh the joys of being married to a teacher. ;)


Kristy said...

Amen, sista. I love it.

Mandee said...

I'm jealous of Tom's schedule... I wish Aaron could work those hours!