Where did they go?

A couple of weeks ago, I planted some basil and cilantro in some pots in my yard, and anxiously waited for them to sprout. I'm pretty sure I checked them at least once a day, even though they weren't supposed to sprout for a week or so. And sure enough, after one week I started seeing little green leaves.The funny thing is, they looked exactly the same, and I had forgotten which pot held which herb. By a couple of days ago, there were 7-8 sprouts in each pot, though they didn't seem to be getting any bigger.

When I went to look at them today however, there is only one in one pot and two in the other.

Where did they go? Do cats eat herb seedlings? Birds? I haven't seen any animals checking them out, but then again, I don't spend the day staring out the window. And since I don't remember which pot is which, I really don't think I can replant. What should I do?

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Kevin and Eliza said...

I have no idea about the plants. Do your children ever get near them. Andrew has pulled out plants before, but seeing as you don't see anything left they would of had to eaten the evidence or something so that is not very logical. Anyways congrats on being prego. What a wonderful reason for being tired. What an amazing job you did running. I am so impressed! I don't like running very much and I am not a morning person. What a harder worker you must be and very determined.