Some funny conversations recently that need to be documented for posterity's sake. Hopefully you find them as funny as I did.

As I was brushing Ella's hair:
E: Mom, do it softer, you're brushing it too loud!

This one needs a little preface: I have taught Ella all sorts of body parts, from the useful "head, shoulder, knee, eye, mouth, etc." to the less useful sternocleidomastoid (don't check my spelling, it's a muscle in your neck) and subcutaneous pre-patellar bursa (on your knee). However, everything between her legs is her "bum," and she hasn't been interested in knowing more. Now to the conversation:

Ella was sitting on the potty. As she tends to take a while I had stepped out. I came when she called me, and she was checking out her business.
E: Mom! What is that?
M: That's your {insert a female body part here.}
E: Does Rico have one?
M: No, Rico's a boy. He has a {insert male body part.}
E: But you have one?
M: Yes, because I'm a girl, too.
E: But what does Dad have?
M: Well, he's a boy like Rico, so what do you think?
E: (thinking...) A sternocleidomastoid!

Well, yes, but...

While we were at Tom's brother's in Vancouver, Ella's five-year-old cousin, Isaac, decided to water the plants in their backyard, instead of using the toilet. Ella came in and told Tom:
E: Isaac went potty with his belly. Me, I don't go potty with my belly button, I go potty with my bum.

I was carrying Ella and told her:
M: Ella, you're not so light anymore.
E: I'm not so light?
M: Nope. You used to be light, but now you're getting...
E: I'm getting darker!

...or heavier was what I meant...


Dudley Family said...

Those are too funny! Kids say the silliest things sometimes! I'm not looking forward to explaining all of that to Maddie. She too thinks everything is a bum! :)

Jennifer said...

Too cute and very funny!

Sara said...

Those are so cute!