The messiest food in the world

So, I apparently have a thing for chicken. Actually, I knew that, but now you all get to know it, too! So this week for Whip It Up, I experimented with Savory Chicken Couscous and Easy Chicken Piccata. We have a ton of couscous and I never use it, so I looked for a couscous recipe that I had all the ingredients for, (which was easier said than done, since it's definitely time for me to do some grocery shopping.) The couscous recipe recommended the other to go along, and I thought it looked tasty.

Although Tom enjoys couscous, he affectionately refers to it as "the messiest food in the world" because, let's face it, when you're three, couscous is not the easiest thing to eat without getting it everywhere. And it's sticky. Like rice, but smaller.

One of these weeks I'm going to remember to take a picture of the recipes I make, but this was not that week. Luckily for you, there is a picture along with the recipes.

Now for the important part: These recipes were easy-peasy. Couscous is always quick, and the chicken was as well. I didn't have cutlets, so I used breasts and they took a little longer. But better than being quick and easy, both recipes were delicious! I will definitely be repeating this one, but I think I'll need to make more couscous next time--Ella loved it!


Lisa C said...

Just one question: who always has tons of couscous laying around? :)

Stacy said...

Janelle! It's Stacy (Hart). I found your blog on Eleasa's. How are you? Your family is beautiful... and you sound like quite the gourmet! Send me and email at stacyrunia@gmail.com so I can invite you to our blog and we can keep in touch!

Jennifer said...

Couscous? Hmm...I'll have to try making it sometime. With the mix of a Hawaiian and a Fijian, we eat rice about 6 times a week. A change would be nice. Thanks for the idea. AND seriously, you just have an over abundance of couscous? That's a little odd.

RA said...

Do you buy couscous in bulk, somehow? Because my husband really wants to, but all we can find so far are those small boxes. Glad to see that the recipe worked out!