St. Joe

Since her husband and son were off at scout camp, my mother-in-law came down to spend Wednesday night at our house. Her car had been making noises, so she dropped it off at Joe's shop. (Tom's brother, the mechanic, for those not informed. I call it Joe's shop because he works there, not because he owns it.) He was planning on bringing it to her at our house Thursday after work.

A couple of days ago our battery light had come on. I didn't think too much about it since A) we just got a new battery like 2 months ago, 2) nothing was going wrong, and D) Joe would be over in the near future to look at it and reassure us. We drove it for a couple of days with the light on (all the time). Thursday, Tom went to work, went to the district office for a meeting, stopped at Fred Meyer and came home. I went right back out a few minutes later to go pick up a pizza at Papa Murphy's (Yum--thanks JoAnne).

On the way, the radio and clock were going in and out. I immediately turned off the lights and the radio, but didn't think of the AC and prayed that I would make it home safely. When I came out of PM's the car turned on the first try, though I could tell something was not right. Again, I prayed all the way home, especially since I had forgotten my cell phone.

Minutes (like 2) after I pulled in, safely, Joe pulled in behind me. After looking at our car, and checking the battery (which was completely dead) he confirmed that it was the alternator. He said that we should not drive it pretty much anywhere before getting it fixed. Not only did Tom have to be at work today, but both kids had dentist appointments, and we were planning on heading up to my parent's for the weekend.

After dinner, Joe took out the alternator, drove to Schuck's (in JoAnne's car) with Tom to get a new one, and put it in, all before dessert. Though he wasn't 100% pleased with the new one, it has a lifetime warranty, it is getting the job done a whole lot better than the last one!

It is so obvious to me that the Lord is looking out for us. We are so blessed! Not only did he keep the car going long enough for us all to be safe, but he provided us with the perfect opportunity to have our car fixed, and a wonderful and helpful mechanic in the family! Thank you Joe!!!!

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Kristy said...

A. I'm so glad you're safe, 2. What great in-laws you have, D. You make me smile! Yes!