Whip It Up finale

So this will be my last recipe post for a while. I must admit, though, it's been nice to have something that I have to post about, since I haven't been so great at other posts. Hopefully with Tom back at work and life getting back to normal (what is that, anyway?) I'll make more time to blog. But I make no promises. :)

This week's theme was desserts, which is usually my favorite thing, but it seems like we've had dessert coming out our ears recently. Our ward is having a linger longer on Sunday and the RS is in charge of providing refreshments. They recommended cookies, which I figure is because they are easy to eat without plates, forks, etc. But, shocker, I'm not in a cookie mood.

Also, my banana man has been slacking, and we had some seriously ripe bananas. I had already frozen like 5 or 6 this week and had five more that needed to be used. So I decided to try some mini banana muffins, since that kills two birds with one stone: I get rid of my bananas, and they qualify as easy to eat for the linger longer.

I googled banana muffins and found this recipe that looked good (and easy--always a requirement in my book) and I even had all the ingredients (otherwise I would have been tempted to ignore the bananas and make this instead.)

I used the full cup of sugar from the original recipe, since I'm all about sweet. And as I mentioned, I made mini muffins instead of standard size, so they only baked for 12ish minutes, but otherwise I followed the "fool proof" directions and was pleased with the outcome. I do have issues not "over-stirring" so I usually end up with either flour clumps or peaked tops... this time they were a little flat with flour clumps. Any ideas, chef people?

They tasted great, but I also made chocolate zucchini cake muffins at the same time, and let's be honest, I ate more of those, because, well, it's chocolate. And we all know that I. Love. Chocolate.

I only had one, but Tom enjoyed several. I will likely make them again, unless Rico picks back up on his banana eating, because he has me trained to buy lots of bananas. I think next time I'll add chocolate chips, because, let's review: I. Love. Chocolate. End of story.


megsta said...

MMMMM... I have 4 ripe bananas and I think I am going to go make this recipe right now.

Grant said...

I knew I liked you for a reason. I didn't know that you and I were both choco'holics. I knew I was, but I didn't know that I had anyone to match my love. Glad to know that I am in good company.