Welcome to Motherhood!

Oddly, I did not truly feel like a mother until yesterday.

It wasn't the moment they laid my beautiful daughter in my arms almost three and a half years ago.It wasn't when she took her first step, or said her first word. It wasn't when we welcomed our adorable baby boy into our home.
Or when I watched these two beautiful children interact.
It wasn't being up all night, or tending sick kids. It wasn't calming fears, or drying tears.
It wasn't even when I found out I was expecting number three. The moment came last night, as I drove home our new-to-us minivan.

Now I am really and truly a mother. And there's no turning back now.


Do the Puyallup!

That's Pyoo-allup (rhymes with gallop) for those of you not from the Evergreen State. And it's a fair. And a city, but I'm getting beyond the point here.

Aaaanyway, last Saturday, my in-laws called up to see if we wanted to join them at the Puyallup Fair--their treat. Now, we're not stupid, so we said sure!
Ella and Rico l o v e d the animals (I didn't get any good pics of Ella because she kept running away with grandma, and leaving me to push the empty double stroller through the crowds.)
Ella even got to go on a couple rides! She was thrilled. Except for with one spinny ride that she cried through. I was going to go on the carousel with her to help her get over the trauma from the spinny ride, but they wouldn't let me, because I'm pregnant. I can understand all the adult rides, but c'mon! The carousel? She loved it anyway.

Thanks Richard and JoAnne for such a good time!


Whatever happened to the good ol' half gallon?

It used to be that you went to the store and picked up a nice half-gallon carton of your favorite flavor of ice cream. (Or, if you went shopping with my dad, you picked up five or six.) Then you went home and enjoyed all 16 half-cup servings at once (okay, I don't think I've ever done that on my own, but it would be fun!)

Then a couple of years ago, the ice cream industry got smart. "Instead of raising prices," they thought, "let's just make the carton smaller--no one will notice, and once they do, it'll be too late! Bwah-ha-ha!" So they did. They packaged them in round cartons, or rounded cartons, thinking that the different shape would fool us. And they wrote in tiny print
(1.75 Quarts). And they kept the price the same. And we were fooled.Today, I stopped by Fred Meyer to pick up some ice cream to go with our apple-blackberry crisp for family home evening treat. And the cartons looked a little squatty. It wasn't till I got to the checkout that I noticed the tiny print had changed again (1.5 Quarts). And the price was the same (but they were on sale). We're down to a measly 12 servings--and that's half-cup servings. Who actually eats a half-cup serving? We, as the American people are being taken for fools! It is time we stood up and defended our rights to the full half gallon!


Common Courtesy

I was just doing the dishes (from dinner last night, if you must know) while Ella and Rico were playing in her room listening to music (on a tape player--I'll bet your kids don't even know what a tape is, do they?). The tape ended and she came up and asked me in the sweetest voice, "Mom, when you are done washing the dishes, could you come start the music again, please?" It was so adorable to hear not only a polite request, but an awareness of my current occupation and understanding that her needs were not the only ones to be considered. How adorable can she be?


Bad Mommy--also known as Raving Total Lunatic

So yesterday was one of those days when I wanted to hang my child upside-down by her toes in the back yard and leave her there. I didn't, don't worry, no need to call CPS--but I wanted to. I think she spent more time in her bedroom yesterday in time-out than she did all last week combined. And I'm sure she wasn't that much worse than usual--it was just my tolerance level. So why is it that some days I can be so patient and loving and understanding, and the next I'm ready to scream at every little thing?

My mood improved once Tom got home, but after dinner I let him play with the kids while I listened to soothing music on my mp3 player and did the dishes and folded laundry. Not the most relaxing thing, but it definitely helped. By the time it was time to put the kids to bed I was almost back to normal and today I have been quite civil with them both.

It's a good thing I have a husband who comes home every night and loves to help with the kids. Otherwise, I would go crazy very quickly--as demonstrated yesterday.