Do the Puyallup!

That's Pyoo-allup (rhymes with gallop) for those of you not from the Evergreen State. And it's a fair. And a city, but I'm getting beyond the point here.

Aaaanyway, last Saturday, my in-laws called up to see if we wanted to join them at the Puyallup Fair--their treat. Now, we're not stupid, so we said sure!
Ella and Rico l o v e d the animals (I didn't get any good pics of Ella because she kept running away with grandma, and leaving me to push the empty double stroller through the crowds.)
Ella even got to go on a couple rides! She was thrilled. Except for with one spinny ride that she cried through. I was going to go on the carousel with her to help her get over the trauma from the spinny ride, but they wouldn't let me, because I'm pregnant. I can understand all the adult rides, but c'mon! The carousel? She loved it anyway.

Thanks Richard and JoAnne for such a good time!