Welcome to Motherhood!

Oddly, I did not truly feel like a mother until yesterday.

It wasn't the moment they laid my beautiful daughter in my arms almost three and a half years ago.It wasn't when she took her first step, or said her first word. It wasn't when we welcomed our adorable baby boy into our home.
Or when I watched these two beautiful children interact.
It wasn't being up all night, or tending sick kids. It wasn't calming fears, or drying tears.
It wasn't even when I found out I was expecting number three. The moment came last night, as I drove home our new-to-us minivan.

Now I am really and truly a mother. And there's no turning back now.


Kristy said...

Ha ha ha ha HAAA!! I'm laughing out loud because that was an AWEsome post and I'm totally going to be there, driving the minivan just like you, very, very soon. And it absolutely SCREAMS, "Mom!"

Congrats, mama!

Alicia said...

Ha ha! I think only the current gasoline crisis will give me a chance at getting a minivan...I've been working on Curt for our future auto upgrade. He'd prefer an SUV (he thinks minivan=mini-man), but the price of fuel might win him over yet. :)

Grant said...

What is it? I drove a Dove Caravan in my last area. It was always good times when we pulled up to church in the same van as some of the mothers pulling out their babies and kids as we pulled out BoM's and Bible's. We even had a soccer ball hanging from the rearview mirror to make it complete.

Let your husband know that the only reason he equates the minivan with miniman is because he isn't man enough to overcome his assumption as to what society's view on what a "man" should drive is. Tell him to suck it up and be a man by not being a "man." It's like saying that money=happiness, which we all know isn't true.

Lisa C said...

Dan and I have decided to get a minivan before our 3rd is born too and I can't wait! I love them! In fact, it is a good thing I have that incentive to have a 3rd baby now that I have a boy and a girl :)

Amanda said...

Love the new wheels. I dream of a vehicle with sliding doors. (my husband thinks we need a SUV that will tow stuff)

Alisha said...

Ahhhh... the minivan... I fear that for my future. With twins as our first, our minivan day will come sooner than expected. Not too soon though! Congrats on #3!

Elisabeth said...

I love your post!! great van- way to go. Jay can't wait to get a minivan, isn't that funny? Congrats Mommy :)

Sara said...

The blessed minivan. I love mine and know you will loves yours. You have truly become a "mom" lol

Amber, TJ, and Kate said...

Hey congrats on the minivan! Welcome to the world of being a Mormon Mama! I found your blog off your facebook site. It was so great to read up on what you have been up to lately. Congrats on number three. TJ and I are expecting number 2 (a boy) in February. TJ's in his 3rd (out of 4 years) of med school and we are loving it in Hershey PA. Good to reconnect!