Whatever happened to the good ol' half gallon?

It used to be that you went to the store and picked up a nice half-gallon carton of your favorite flavor of ice cream. (Or, if you went shopping with my dad, you picked up five or six.) Then you went home and enjoyed all 16 half-cup servings at once (okay, I don't think I've ever done that on my own, but it would be fun!)

Then a couple of years ago, the ice cream industry got smart. "Instead of raising prices," they thought, "let's just make the carton smaller--no one will notice, and once they do, it'll be too late! Bwah-ha-ha!" So they did. They packaged them in round cartons, or rounded cartons, thinking that the different shape would fool us. And they wrote in tiny print
(1.75 Quarts). And they kept the price the same. And we were fooled.Today, I stopped by Fred Meyer to pick up some ice cream to go with our apple-blackberry crisp for family home evening treat. And the cartons looked a little squatty. It wasn't till I got to the checkout that I noticed the tiny print had changed again (1.5 Quarts). And the price was the same (but they were on sale). We're down to a measly 12 servings--and that's half-cup servings. Who actually eats a half-cup serving? We, as the American people are being taken for fools! It is time we stood up and defended our rights to the full half gallon!


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Kristy said...

YES! Ice cream!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So, let us know who to send our complaints to! We're with you!

Sara said...

Isn't it just so so sad!