Ode to Costco

Now some of you may think I'm strange, but I am a die-hard Costco shopper. I love Costco. I go pretty much every week. My sister and I were just calculating last night, that even if I only bought one box of diapers there a month, (and nothing else) I would save almost $200 per year above the cost of the membership. And I buy more than that.

When we moved to our current locale, there was talk of a Costco opening in Covington, but no one really knew for sure when or exactly where, or even for sure if it was really happening. For those not familiar with the area, this is about 5 minutes from my house. So needless to say, I was hoping that these were more than just rumors.
And sure enough, before too long, there was a Costco going in right next to Fred Meyer, which is currently where I do my other (non-bulk) grocery shopping. I had to drive past it each week as I drove all the way to Federal Way (a 20 minute drive) to go to Costco, and each week I would eagerly monitor the progress.

I had heard earlier this year that they were hoping to be open for Christmas, but nothing official. A month or so ago, Tom came home, having driven past it, and mentioned they had a grand opening sign up--October 25th! HOORAY! It was probably a little pathetic to be so excited about a Costco, but I was.

And I am. Just yesterday we did our weekly shopping at our very own, brand-spankin'-new, Costco. And I was in heaven. Costco heaven. And it even had self checkout. I love self checkout.

So if you live in the area and haven't been, I fully recommend you go immediately. And if you're not a member, call me, and we'll go together. Next week. Or tomorrow, if you want.


Question my sanity

I don't know how many of you remember me when I looked like this:Take a good look. (Check out that nice oversized shirt, and way cool scrunchy on my wrist. I was way cool!) This is me circa 1995, when I used to play the flute (read: elementary school band). I played in 5th and 6th grade, and though I kept my flute, that was the last time I really played.

Until yesterday, that is. I got some crazy idea in my head like six months ago that I should work on a musical number for sacrament meeting. (For you non-Mormons, this is our main Sunday worship meeting--for a more detailed explanation, see here.) I thought I was crazy, but found some music online, and started practicing.

I talked with my friend Laura (who is an accomplished pianist--though she might not approve of my use of the word accomplished) in July and asked if she would accompany me. We then proceeded to practice for months. We practiced at her house (since I don't have a piano) and played through 5-7 kids {her five (with two of them in school since Sept.), my two, plus occasional neighbors} running around, playing the piano, raiding the snack cupboard, pulling on legs, whining, asking questions, and generally causing trouble.

And yesterday, we actually performed it, and I was quite pleased with how it turned out. It was not perfect, my breath support was less that amazing, (but what can you expect when you're seven months pregnant and freaking nervous?) and I missed at least two notes, but I did it!

My dad recored it on his MP3 player, but seeing as he was sitting with my kids, you can hear them better than anything else. I tried attaching the .WAV file as a video, but it didn't work, so if you want to hear how we sounded, either tell me how to post it on here, or I can email directly to you.

Interesting/over-informing side note: After I got my ears pierced at the end of sixth grade, I realized that I am allergic, or at least sensitive, to nickel. I have to buy nickel-free earrings, and if I wear my nickel-containing watch too long, or too often, I get a rash. Guess what? Yeah, my flute is nickel plated. So more than once in the past several months, I've gotten a nice little rash under my lip. Special, huh? I guess I should look into getting a new head joint or something for my flute if I'm going to keep playing.


That is one cute kid!

While I was at my parents' the other day, I was looking at some photos and found this cute one. Who is this kid?
If it weren't for the clip, I would swear it was Rico.
See what I'm saying? But I guess we know where he gets his looks, cuz that little cutie in the stump is none other than yours truly.