Catching up

I know I missed a couple of key blogging opportunities recently, what with Halloween and a very controversial election, but better late than never, right?


Let me start by admitting that Tom and I are bad parents who deprive their children of every possible fun activity. Not really, but this is the first year that we have carved pumpkins and dressed the kids up for Halloween. And we didn't even take them trick-or-treating. (See? Bad parents.)

We carved pumpkins a week before Halloween with some other families from our ward (church congregation, see here) but I neglected to bring my camera so I have no documentation of the carving itself. Ella was interested and designed her own (decided what shapes she wanted) but left the actual carving up to me. Rico really didn't know or care what was going on, he was much more interested in climbing on the coffee table with Lexie, (Or is it Lexi? I don't know.) so I got to carve his too. (Although I did ask his opinion before carving, I don't think he was too concerned.) Tom was on baby watch, to make sure that the boy didn't completely reprogram the remotes of our unsuspecting hosts. I think the pumpkins turned out quite nicely: the bigger one is Rico's.The next night was our ward potluck and trunk-or-treat (where the kids go from car trunk to car trunk collecting candy). We dressed both kids up {Ella was a fairy princess, (she had wings on, but you can't see them in the picture,) and Rico was a train conductor,} and went to the potluck, but scooted out of there before the trunk-or-treating commenced. I had plans to do Ella's hair all fancy, but she is pretty opinionated, and she just wanted two pigtails on top, so that's what she got. I once again forgot the camera, but luckily a sister in the ward was going around taking pictures of all the kids, so she sent it to me.

For Halloween itself, Ella had a fever, so I was actually quite glad that she was not anticipating a night of trick-or-treating. She let me do her hair earlier that day, but when it came time to don costumes to answer the door, she refused, so I never did get a good picture of her all decked out. Maybe next year. Both the kids LOVED answering the door and would jump up from whatever they were doing and race for the door. We played a nice family game of Candyland between trick-or-treaters, and even Rico got into it. (I got roasted.)The next day Tom came down with a fever and flu-like symptoms and was out of commission. After taking a 4 hour nap, he came out and laid in the living room, where he and Ella commiserated on their miserable state. Luckily his was less than 24 hours in duration, and he was feeling much better on Sunday. Ella's fever lasted through Monday, but she was pretty happy and cheerful through it.

Election Day

Tom and I both voted this year (of course), though we did our best to cancel each other out on the big races. Neither of us vote a straight ticket, so he voted for Obama and Rossi (Republican running for governor, for you poor non-Washingtonians,) while I voted for McCain and Gregoire (Democrat and incumbent governor). With so many Washingtonians voting absentee this election (all but two counties voted 100% by mail, and next year the entire state will vote by mail) the governor's race didn't get called right away, but in the end, Gregoire won. The last time these two faced off, Gregoire won by 129 votes on the third recount. I'm glad it wasn't that big of a fiasco this year.

Like many of you, I am interested to see how this administration change trickles down to our everyday lives. I'm not saying that I think we were right or wrong in electing who we did, I just hope that we haven't reached the point talked of in the Book of Mormon that "if the time should come that the voice of this people should choose iniquity. . . they would be ripe for destruction. . . . Yea, and I say unto you that if it were not for the prayers of the righteous, who are now in the land, that ye would even now be visited with utter destruction." (Alma 10:19, 22)


Mandee said...

I just have to say that you have an amazing marriage... had Aaron voted for Obama, he would be sleeping on the couch for the rest of his life.

Of course no offense to your husband. And I mostly just kidding. Kind of.

Sara said...

I love what you did with Ella's hair! So cute!