The early bird

I think Rico must really be after some worms, because, man! he no longer believes in sleeping in. There was a time, like two weeks ago, when both of my adorable angels would sleep until eight. And it was heaven.

Then Rico started waking up at 7:30, which was okay, because he would make noise for 15 minutes, wake Ella up, she would amuse him for another 15 minutes, and I would still get up at 8. After three or four days of that, he thought it would be fun to wake up at 7:15 one morning, the next, it was 6:30.

Hello folks! I don't operate at 6:30 in the morning. Especially when I'm pregnant! That was Saturday morning. I realized with the time change, unless I did something drastic, he would likely be up at 5:30 the next morning, so we kept the kids up late, and he gloriously slept until 7 (which translates to 8 if you factor in the time change).

I made the mistake of thinking we were good to go. Um, no. Yesterday he was up at 6:15, and this morning? Oh yeah, that would be 5:52. I don't even think that 5:52 am should exist. I almost don't want to know what he has in store for me tomorrow.


Kristy said...

No good! Mommies need their beauty sleep! I'm right there with you.

Lisa C said...

there's a 5:52 in the morning too? I'm sorry!

Anonymous said...

Man, he will make a most excellent missionary! Have him study his scriptures and exercise and you are good to go.