Picture Perfect

It's been quite some time since I've made a pie. I like making pies, but, as far as fruit goes, crisps are much easier to put together last minute (which is how I roll).

A month or more ago Tom volunteered to help out at the Bishop's Storehouse, (part of our church's welfare system) and they sent him home with a box of apples that he had helped pick from one of their trees. They were just little things, but man! you could not eat them, they were so tart! They have been sitting there in the back of our fridge just waiting for me to make pie, and Monday, I finally got around to if for Family Home Evening treat.

Now, half the fun of cooking is to make pretty food. I know that we're just going to eat it, but if it looks beautiful, it just makes it all the better. Usually my apple pies just turn out mediocre-looking. Of course they taste great (why wouldn't they?) but I just haven't mastered pie crust. Not this time! When I finished with the top, I was so dang impressed with myself that I had to take a picture. And it was even prettier when it came out of the oven. I'll spare you them many pictures I took and just leave you with this one:Doesn't it look tasty?

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Jennifer said...

Yaowzah! Kudos to you! That's beautiful!