Twilight, the movie

Yes, it is true, I did go see Twilight opening night. Not the 12:00 am showing, just the 7:50 pm. There were plenty of swooning teens (and non-teens) who cheered and/or screamed when Edward first appeared on screen, as well as at other key moments, but overall, I think I only missed one line due to excessive cheering. Not too bad, I must say.

And as you may expect, I have opinions. (Who, me? Shocking, I know.) Overall, I liked the movie, if only for the fact that I loved the book. Is it as good as the book? No. But how could it be? To condense a--what was it, 600-some odd?--page book into 2 hours is quite the feat I'm sure. To cast actors who portray the characters as seen in the heads of millions of different fans is virtually impossible. But they did their best.

I thought it was a little cheesy (as expected,) very funny, (unexpectedly) and well cast. I loved Bella, and Edward grew on me. I think I would have like him better if they had spent more time on the first half of the story. It felt too abrupt and skipped too many scenes (like the blood-typing!) to fully develop Edward's character and the tension between him and Bella (or is it he and Bella?). I think it would have been much better as a three hour movie. But maybe that's just me.

I would love to hear from someone who had NOT read the book, but did see the movie. I'm of the opinion that it would have been hard to follow and ridiculously cheesy for someone without more Twilight background, but I could be wrong.


Mike and Tiffany said...

I saw the movie, but haven't read the book. I liked the movie. I do agree there were cheesy moments, but I still really liked it! After talking to Mike's sisters, they were talking about some of the little details of things that were different in the movie, and I think that's one thing they could have easily done better in the movie... but since I haven't read the book, I don't really have an opinion! :)

dlhardy said...

I'm so pleased that you got to go and see it. I was very aware of a lot of my young women that were seeing it at midnight and it reminded me of LOTR days. They even tried to talk me into going with them. I would have in a heart beat with a daughter, but only then. I didn't have any thought that you might go that opening day or I would have called and crashed your party! I have it written down to ask you if you were thinking about going, I guess I don't need to now... I'm right on top of things!

Sara said...

I didn't really have a problem with the characters (loved them!). Or the cheesy parts-because I love the book. My problem with the movie was the music. It did not set the "mood" for me. To me, it sounded like something you'd hear in a made for TV movie. It was really annoying for me and I unfortunately could not get over it. And I was highly disappointed with the special effects. I expected so much more but I guess they had a pretty low budget.

I was at first blaming it on the director and hoping she wouldn't sign on for the next movie. But I read that she felt hamstrung by the low budget and not able to do the elaborate stunts that she wanted to do. So now I'm hoping she signs on for the next and gets the money she needs to make it new Moon totally rock.

So I didn't hate it per say, but I was disappointed. But maybe I just need to see it again.