What are you waiting for?

Patience is not my forte.

I don't mean to say that I am overly impatient with my husband and children (though I do occasionally lose it,) but when it comes to events, the sooner the better.

Like the example given in the previous post. It's early November, and I'm so excited for Christmas that I am getting in the spirit by listening to Christmas music.

Granted, my excitement for Christmas this year may be slightly motivated by other events. Like my Dec. 28th due date. The closer it gets, the sooner I want it to come. When I found out I was pregnant, I was bound and determined to have the baby in January. I did NOT want a December baby. Besides that, I wanted our children to be born in 2005, 2007, and 2009--not 2008. Now, I'm all but ready to have the baby now. Though I'm sure it would be best for the baby to wait. But at least 2 weeks early, please. And it's not just because I'm sick of being pregnant, (which I am,) I'm just so dang excited to have a cute little baby girl.

Another classic example: I've been wanting to cut my hair for a while, but since I'm indecisive, I don't know any hair-cutter-people, and I quake at the thought of trusting my only head of hair to someone I've never seen before, I haven't gotten around to it. Monday, I decided I was done waiting. Did I ask around to see where other people get their hair done, then call and make an appointment? No. Did I wait till my husband got home and run to the nearest Great Clips? No. I have no patience for the above options, so I cut it myself. And since I decided to do it on the spur of the moment, (again, because I have no patience) I was forced to use my normal everyday scissors, since my hair-cutting scissors were in Rico's room, where he was napping. It's not perfectly even, it's not exactly straight, but dang it, it is shorter!

(I tried to take a picture of my newly shortened hair, but I also have no taking-a-picture-of-myself-in-a-mirror-or-otherwise skills. So if you want to witness my hair-cutting skills, it will have to be in person.)


Kristy said...

But but but but I WANT a picture! Yeah, that's so Janelle. I bet it looks totally hot, too.

Lisa C said...

I totally relate to the patience thing! Hang in there, you'll be nursing 24/7 in no time! :)