Variations on a theme

Many have asked if Louie looks like her siblings. What's your opinion?

Me: days old
Ella: three weeks
Ella: six weeks
Rico: 1 month
Rico: 2 months
Lou: days old
Lou: 1 month
I definitely see some resemblance!


Empty house

There are times as a mother when I'm ready to give my children away. When I've had it up to here, and I swear I'd never even miss them.

But really, I would.

For those who don't know, Tom had surgery on Friday; so after dropping him off at the hospital, I dropped Ella and Rico off with Grandma and Grandpa.

The original plan was to have them delivered back home sometime Saturday, but when my dad called to arrange the hostage release, he volunteered to keep them another night, bring them to church and then whisk them away for the rest of the day and bring them back at bedtime.

We accepted.

And how empty our house felt!

We still had Louie, of course, but one quiet little baby is nothing compared to the relative chaos that reigns in our house with a two- and three-year-old. Tom spent the entire time sitting around doing nothing recuperating, while I waited on him hand and foot. I can't even remember the last time we were able to relax so much.

In a way it was a nice break, and it reminded me how much I love Ella and Rico-man.

And even when they are driving me up the wall, I would miss them.



Adventures in interpreting

Having a two year old with a rapidly expanding vocabulary can make for some interesting comparisons.

Yesterday Rico was asking for a snack. When I asked him what he wanted, he replied:

Zhee-zhih dup-dup.

Not to be confused with:

Zhee-zhuh dapa-dap.

Say those out loud. They sound quite similar, but they're not. At all.

The first is a request for cheezits and pretzels (I'm not sure how dup-dup means pretzels, but it does).

The second would be Jesus Diaper. Not exactly what you would be feeding the kid for snack.


Let me know

It is sad, but true.

Our couch is dying.

Our first couch.

That we got for free.

From Tom's parents.

This couch has been with us since our first one-bedroom apartment. It has moved with us four times. But, unless I want to reupholster the cushions, and fix the inside support thing (again,) it's time for a new one. And maybe a longer one, since we only have two loveseats... not so good for sleeping on.

And since our budget is somewhat limited, I've been checking out craigslist for something a little less well-loved than ours.

And let me tell you, there are plenty of people out there selling couches. Nice couches, new couches, lightly used couches, horrendously ugly couches. My favorites are the ones without pictures--um, is it really that bad, that you won't let us see it? --or the ones that say "elegant" or "really nice" in the title, and then have the ugliest 80's print ever, or retro 70's plaid.

But there are lots of nice couches too. But half of them are in Bellingham. Hello, that's not even close. There was one post that caught my eye, because it was right here in my very own town.

With no pictures.

The post-er did claim that she was having trouble uploading the pics, so feel free to email for pictures. So I did. No harm in looking, right?

In less than 10 minutes, she emailed me back with pictures, informing me that "in have one person that wants me to hold them till friday but i really need the money asap....let me know if you are interested"

Knowing I wasn't about to hop in my truck van and pick them up, I didn't reply. Besides, this was Wednesday, and with New Beginnings that night, and Tom's school the next, Friday would be the soonest we could even look at them.

Just over half an hour later, I got another email:

"are you interested??"

A little eager, are we?


I'm not one for instant decisions, and I don't like being pressured. I wanted to say "Remember that little line 'let me know if you are interested'? Well, I'll let you know. Until then, take a chill pill. And you know what? Your over-eager, capitalization-ignoring, over-punctuated response is not motivating in the least." But I didn't. I'm much better at thinking up rude replies than actually delivering them.

So I'll keep looking.

In the mean time, I'll enjoy my quickly disintegrating couch for as long as it lasts, and have fun laughing at the things people post on craigslist.

Like this one:

"This couch isn't in the greatest condition anymore on one side of the recliner but with a little work it can be fixed. It still works...the other recliner has no problems whatsoever. The leather is worn out but its a great couch overall."

Sign me up!


Another Birthday for the boy...

{Cheese face}

Me: Rico, how old are you?
H: doo-ah! Eh sree.

{translation: two! Ella's three.}

While I can't believe that my little man is already two, I also can't believe that he's only two. Since both my and Tom's parents (plus my uncle, grandma, and Tom's brother) were here for Louie's blessing, we had a party on Sunday. Rico was so excited. After they left I asked him if he had fun. He started dancing and yelling "gake! iy geem! gamma! wehw! peh-zhuh!" {cake! ice cream! grandma! Will! presents!}
Happy Birthday my little Rico-man! I love you!

Picture overload

The problem with taking 80 pictures of the same thing, is limiting yourself to one or two to post. So, you get 8. Just be glad I narrowed it down that much! :)

This last Sunday, sweet Lou was blessed. For those unfamiliar, in our church we don't baptize babies, but we do give them a special blessing at church.

This is the gorgeous dress that my mom made when Ella was blessed. I think you can only see the bottom in this one picture--it's so long, but the bottom is so pretty.

Anyway, Louie was a champion and though she was awake for the blessing, she was happy the whole time--but not so much for the pictures.

Also, don't you like how I interspersed the text and pictures that that you had to scroll through all the pictures to read the text? I'm just tricky like that.
We also took a family photo... Aren't we a good looking group?