Adventures in interpreting

Having a two year old with a rapidly expanding vocabulary can make for some interesting comparisons.

Yesterday Rico was asking for a snack. When I asked him what he wanted, he replied:

Zhee-zhih dup-dup.

Not to be confused with:

Zhee-zhuh dapa-dap.

Say those out loud. They sound quite similar, but they're not. At all.

The first is a request for cheezits and pretzels (I'm not sure how dup-dup means pretzels, but it does).

The second would be Jesus Diaper. Not exactly what you would be feeding the kid for snack.


Mrs. D said...

oh this post made me laugh out loud! This is the exact same stage we are at with Calahan. I love the baby language. It really is quite amazing how we "figure" out their words and know what they mean.

csotutu said...

Now I understand how mo dup-dup could be his request for more pretzels in the nursery!